Frequently asked questions before and after the nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is usually a short hospitalized or outpatient surgery with a little bruising and swelling. Thus the patient can start his usual life a day after operation. He can walk and even drive provided that swelling and bruising do not prevent his sight. Avoid activities which demanded pressure and holding breath.

Avoid exercises which increase the heartbeat for at least one week or two. Taking 5 to 7 days off is enough to have a rest at home.

When can I wear glasses?

Since the nose’s bones apart from each other in rhinoplasty and takes a month to become strong again, no glasses are recommended in this period even light glasses and it is better to use lenses or hang the glasses on your forehead by a string or tape so that it has no weight on nose’s bridge. After a month you can use light glasses, but don’t use normal glasses for three months.

Is rhinoplasty cause breathing problem?

If rhinoplasty performed in a natural and physiological way and does not retouch remove the internal valve which is nose cartilage and external valve and nose septum a lot which are related to the nose air way, there would be no breathing problem, and of course inhalation and exhalation would be in a better condition than before operation because many people suffer from septum deviation and large nasal concha which are relieved by surgery. Except in cases which the patient has allergy and it become worse after operation and it is difficult to breath by nose. It is usually difficult to breathe through nose in two to three weeks after the operation because of swelling and accumulating of secretions, but then it will improve. The natural physiology of nose comes back into its natural form after six months. In the cases which more breathing cartilage are removed it will lead to indent of sides of the nose and deeper nasal groove, thus, the patient may suffer from serious or mild breathing problems which will be relived o some extent. In a case which nasal septum are removed a lot it cannot be cured very well.

Is it possible to do the rhinoplasty by laser?

Laser is a strong light ray which used as a powerful thermal device for removing rashes, larynx, nose, throat and ear tumors and nose polyps and in some cases it is used for skin restoration. As you know in rhinoplasty we work mainly on cartilage and bones except skin incision in which we use scalpel and laser does not have any effect on them. Thus, laser rhinoplasty is a wrong term which is used more for attracting the patients. Today there are many modern anesthesia medicine and techniques and operations which performed delicately, unless the patient is haemorrhagic, most of the surgeries are performed with a little bruising and pain which people misunderstand them laser.

Is using Idan device has any effect?

Idan and other similar devices which their advertisers introduce them as a substitute for fleshy nose surgery are not certificated by any scientific center in the world and long term use of any devices which have a continuous pressure on the nose cartilage has no result except deforming the nose

Is it true that fleshy nose return to the state before operation?

Nose with thick skin which are called fleshy nose are not a good candidate for nose surgery, because after the operation fibrous tissue forms under the skin thicken the skin and it prevents the beauty of nose cartilage. But if they operated by the method of reinforcing the strength of cartilage and do not have high expectation they will get an acceptable result and it will last and it is also less probable to have a second surgery.

When can I start exercise and swimming?

Such and surgery which is performed on bone, avoid cold weather after rhinoplasty for about six months. It’s better to use a mask or something like this for keeping your nose warm in cold weather. Avoid swimming in cold weather but you can do aerobic and calisthenics after two weeks. Non-aerobic and rigorous physical activity such as weightlifting should be avoided for three months. Use an external for exercises which may have an accidental bump such as soccer and basketball.

How much does the nose surgery cost?

Cost of nose surgery : 1600$ to 2000$ USD including the hospital

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