What is facial lift surgery or facelift?

Lifting the face’s skin which is called “face lift” is performed to fresh the skin and form of the face.

A person who has a good face structure but her face has loosen the soft tissue is the best candidate for the surgery. Thus, the suitable age for it is between 40 and 60. But desired results obtained in higher ages, too.

Although it reduces the surface wrinkles of the skin, its main purpose is lifting the muscles and fascia under skin.

It is usually performed simultaneously along with other cosmetic operation like neck lift, belpharoplasty and brow and forehead lift.

The main question of the people is that how long does it last? The answer is that your face will look younger than your peers but passing of time always affects your face.

This operation cannot prevent the effects of time but again you are younger than your peers by passing of time. Age, skin type, the degree of fascia stretching and muscles under the skin all affects on the result of operation.

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