Dr. Sarabi Clinic
Dr. Ali Sarabi’s Clinic in Behrad

Dr Sarabi with 15 years experiences in the field of face and nose surgery and thousand of successful nose surgery

Since he is very experienced in performing rhinoplasty he has a lot of patient from all parts of the country and abroad such as European neighboring countries.

There are different access based on the patient cities

Patients who live in Mashhad can visit the doctor by make an appointment. Patient of farther cities such as Tehran can call the doctor for making an appointment and abroad patients can see the website and make an appointment by sending an email or calling the doctor or his policlinic.

There’s an international airport in Mashhad. It just takes 40 minutes to go to the polyclinic from the airport. It has direct flight to most of the neighboring and European countries and also has indirect flight to all over the world and many of the most important airlines of the world have office and flight in it.

Dr Sarabi’s polyclinic is in the center of the city of Mashhad and has access to good hotels. After arriving to the city patients can call the doctor to visit him and ask the necessary question from him or his secretary. Do not trust taxi drivers or others because unfortunately in many cases they mislead the patients and cause a lot of problems and damage to them.

dr assistant mobile number: 00989158007188 Whatsapp,Telegram

Email : info@dralisarabi.com

please take appointment first

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