About  Dr Ali Sarabi:

Dr Seyyed Ali Sarabi ENT specialist and surgeon and also surgeon of head and neck (nose surgeon) was born in 1967. After passing three years of medical services he took the first place in the e entrance examination of ENT and graduated with the medical board license under the supervision of famous professors such as professor Mirsalehi and Mr. Poorsadegh in 1999. In addition to perform all ENT surgeries, he has performed cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of head and face. He also has performed a lot of head and face congenital defects. He has been familiar with the new methods by participating in international congress and workshops of face and nose reconstructive surgery. There has been definitely a lot of progress in the methods of head and face surgeries and he has tried to keep pace with the changes. He has focused completely on reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of face and nose such as rhinoplasty, otoplasty, belpharoplasty, oricoloplasty, and reconstructing the traumatic and congenital defects of nose since the last 15 years. He has also performed other reconstructive surgeries including facelift, harelip and cleft palate. Although he is very experienced in broken jaw and ear surgeries, he performed them lower these days because he is very busy with the face cosmetic surgeries. He is the member of Rhinology Research Association and Rhinology scientific Association and participated in most of the international congress with the attendance of famous professors such as Daniel, Di Ming, Dr Adamson, Dr Ghabooran and he has used their experience

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