One of the methods of beautification and rejuvenation is the form of fat injection or a trance-curled or a better expression of fat cells from the other body of the face and neck.

In this way, we take the fat cells without surgery and use the suction of parts of the body, especially from the outer parts of the thigh, abdomen and side, and we will purify it thoroughly and by the very delicate syringes under local anesthesia to different areas of the face, such as species, jaw angles, choone, eyelids, laughter line, and even We pass under the eyebrows and, in this way, we can make facial rejuvenation.

The best of the survive fat cells is the outer surface of the thigh, and if the procedure is done along with the rhinoplasty, the result is beautiful face and aesthetic will be much more.


PRP and recently PRF are new methods that are used to rejuvenate and repair damaged tissue subcutaneous and skin, and even help us to improve the links that we do in different parts of the body, and even the destructive processes that are in different tissues of the body, including cartilage, skin and elsewhere. To be confined and re-building in these areas.

For example, PRP is used to repair cartilage that has been damaged in knees and joints, and even in injuries that have occurred when exercising. In any case, we can use PRP to relieve blur and bruising around the eyes, and even improve the quality and consistency of skin and skin rejuvenation.

 Even with the PRP injections combined with hair transplant to help with fat cells, and even the ones that we use when rhinoplasty, and so on, we will contribute to the survival and durability of the links, and it is a new way in the future of the revolution in the rejuvenation and beautification of the face.

One of the most common queries about fat, is that a few percent of these fat cells remain survive, it should be said that about 20 to 30 percent and even more of these fat cells remain in the bonded place

Such as hair transplant and a percentage of cells are destroyed and the percentage remains in the case of fat cell transplantation, depending on the location of the injection, the same as in the cheek and angle of jaw remains much more, but in places where high mobility is less like the lips or line of laughter remains.

 It also depends on the medical skill that is done to achieve the fat cells more carefully and thoroughly wash and the pure fat is injected, and also from where fat is removed, for example, the external surface of the thigh is more likely to remain cells.

What we can do to keep these cells alive is to have good nutrition, consume different vitamins, and in the first few days we have to feed with sugar and protein, and avoid hitting and rubbing the area, as well as freezing on the area. Eat fat-burning foods and avoid the fat-burning material too.

A question that raises a lot about fat injection, which is called fat injection?

 Basically, at least 20 to 40 percent and even more, depends on the regional that the fat injection is performed.

And the fat injection skill of how to be taken and the cells are injected with high purity these cells remain alive survive. In fact, fat injection, such as hair transplantation, is a type of fat cell transplantation to the new location, and that they do not link to a percentage of cells in the hair transplantation and the percentage is also in fat injection.

In areas with high mobility such as lips and a laugh line less survive but in the cheek and angle of jaw, a large amount of fat cells remain survive and a member of the body, and with the fat and thin, they are obese and thin and small.

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