To explain the difference between broiler nose and bone nose or more precisely thin skin noses or with medium skin with thick skin and soft tissue, the first point should be pointed out that in practice rhinoplasty except for removing of nasal blades and sometimes skin of the middle column of nose will never be the overlying skin. We can be harvested and overwhelming in the nasal structure. But before explaining the practice of this nose, I need to tell you about anatomy and nasal physiology.

Anatomy or nasal structure

The nose as a respiratory member of the olfactory, in fact, consists of two members of the same beam, separated in the midline and created a member and separated by a rather smooth middle blade and is located in the middle of the face. This is the same issue: to be sticking to both members and in the midst of having it happen, it is possible to rely on the asymmetry and imperfections of this member.-In
addition, the nose that we see in the appearance and mainly consists of soft and cartilaginous tissue has two conduit and a series of nasal turbinates, which plays warm-up, purifying And humidifying the air and remove the air entry and exit reports are responsible for the br
ain. In each nasal cavity, the three turbinate, the inferior turbinate, the middle, plays an important role in air purification and heating and humidifying it, and the high nasal atmosphere is an important co
lt role in the olfactory. If we look at a human skull we see that more The middle blade is not a direct nose. In most cases, two cavities form a pear-shaped cavity that is not quite in the midline and clearly in all the skulls we see asymmetry on both sides. This asymmetry in a
living zombie that covers the soft tissue of this skeleton is sharper and therefore in the real world rather than in the computer design of any human The two halves of his face, such as his nose and chin are completely in the midline, but this asymmetry because of popularize, has caused us to be invisible and natural, and therefore we do not notice these asymmetry unless it is shown to us by the tools and design. In th
e meantime, a mathematical principle of art Note: Due to the fact that the mind compares and fits all the way to the eye, it is always a narrow column with 5 degrees of tilt from a barrel that has 10 degrees of deviation, and the second eye of the man compares the components of the symmetry, so that the broad-looking nose and a side of the tilt Relatively much of the patient and his or her people are less likely to notice the issue, but after raising the nose that the nostrils is seen and the nose becomes narrower, the patient and all the other people of the patient will even notice a small deviation, so it should be noticed before the surgery and often These cells, which are associated with the mandibular deviation, will be reminded to the patient before surgery, which in many cases the 100% cannot be corrected.

What comes from the nose to the eye is three parts:

1. Skin.
2. Skeleton: Which is in the high half of the bone and the lower half of the cartilage and tissue soft under the skin
. 3. The inner coating of the nose is formed in the nasal area of this inner lining of the skin.
The way of breathing is formed by the skin and in the lower part of the mucosa and is kept open by the bones and cartilages that have a bouncy state. However, if the nasal hole is too small and either the nasal mucosa or the cartilages of the nose is removed or weak and the nasal bone is very narrow, the patient’s breathing will be difficult and these kinds of nose are quite narrow to look at the punch.

The difference between broiler nose and bone:

Most of the meat-and-bark-skinned and small-cartilages bones are weak and thin, and the only way to beautify the nose is to harvest the excess fat under the skin of a cartilaginous skeleton of nose with the transplantation of the cartilage of the nose, in the meantime, the more beautiful and narrower nose-enhancing of the nasal tip With a sensible removal of nasal blades that will make the appearance of acceptable and beautiful, but if it is attempted to merely remove the cartilages that makes the cartilage more weak, the nose will be slim and small to the result of the action, a bad nasal shape with multiple troughs and bumps will be i
dentified. Other important thing Is that many people, the tilt and the lack of jaw, especially the chin or no nose. Visuall
y, the human eye always compares the nose with the middle line of the upper and lower lip and finally the chin, but the root of the nose with the eyebrows and eyes, so if a person with severe jaw and face deviation is not intended to act jaw It should be placed with chin and upper lip and bottom as possible in one direction.
In summary, the inconsistency of the members around the nose have a much more structural and visual impact on the nose, which should be explored by a design software in a realistic way and explained to the patient to decide about it.
Also In the case of maxillary and its prominence, it has a great impact on the nasal view, especially in the lateral view. In many patients, if the problem of mandibular or low jaw is corrected, you do not need a nose or the least in the nose, the beauty will be complete, and all these tips can be seen and shown in the operation of the nose design software and the doctor should explain these points to its patient because Jaw surgery After rhinoplasty is a catastrophe and should be done at the same time or before the nose. Important recommendation to all
parents is to care for their children, especially during sleep, because oral respiration, which often causes the effect of third tonsils and nasal allergies, will change the shape of the jaw and face during the growth of the period and This is often the need for the use of ortodensi and even more important in the act of Ortogenasi (correction and structure of upper and lower jaw
). My sister all the orthodontic specialists put all of their patients before proceeding and consult the Orthogenkasi because if orthodontic with the aim of correcting the jaw shape To be done in the future of the patient can perform their Orthogenasi act, otherwise non-normative orthodontics will be impossible to take all subsequent action programs in the clinic to make these things relatively high.

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