Nose difference between men and women and differences between races

The nose is part of the face and seen in harmony with the face. What makes a person’s face beautiful is the proportion of a beautiful nose to the whole face.

Cognitive aesthetic: A woman’s pretty face is almost oval in shape and has a relatively narrow eyebrow that is substantially higher than the eyebrow arch and has a good distance from the eyes.
Beautiful lady: Has large eyes with reasonably prominent cheekbones, appropriate extension of lip, small width of mouth and a small nose, nostril of which can be seen from the front to create a flying bird’s view.

The jaw angle should be slightly bent, the chin should be relatively small and not large.
In beautiful women: prominent cheeks and lower jaw angles together with relatively small round chin create an inverted trapezoidal facet altogether. In the profile view, the angle between the forehead and nose should be neither too deep nor too smooth, with a sharp, mild and extravagant angle. The tip of nose should be slightly above the nasal root and the angle between the tip of nose and the face is about 110 degrees.

– Attractive men: wide and straight eyebrows whose head is wider and the root of the eyebrow is slightly above the head (not arched) and the eyebrows are close to the eyes which should not be bold, and in turn are straight and deep are the characteristics of these men. It should not be small enough to disappear in the face, but the nose should be elongated and beautiful and prominent, with an angle of 95-90 degrees to the face in profile, and in profile the nose will be slightly above the root and never concave. The angle between the root of nose and forehead are deeper and sharper than that in females.

The angles between lower jaws should be prominent and the lips should be thinner than the female lips, and the chin should be prominent, bony and cubic, and a relatively long forehead. Visually, women like to have a small and beautiful nose that does not detract the attention to the eyes and lips. Thus, they try to have small nose to attract attention to the prominent lip and eye. In turn, small nose destroys the grandeur and the masculine face, and the man’s face with obvious prominence will be attractive in the three-dimensional view.

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