Age and disease conditions for rhinoplasty


In the case of the age of rhinoplasty in the ages of 16 years and at the age of 18, they all can do the Rhinoplasty Act, and there is no time in the area of the point of view of what age it is, a person who is physically and mentally healthy you may be, even 60 – 50 years old, have no problem expressing the ACT Do the body.


In terms of illnesses and conditions that are not rhinoplasty, for example, blood disorders, which are high in terms of bleeding, are not controlled by severe immune diseases, cancer diseases, uncontrolled rheumatism and uncontrolled diabetes, and any disease that has the risks of anesthesia or healing risks after To take action.

Surely, we do not take action for these people, or people That are psychologically very severe psychological problems that might not be satisfied with the practice Or even after the روحیشون surgery, we recommend that you do not perform this action too.

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