Allergy in Rhinoplasty

People are referring to severe allergies and ask me to act as a doctor or not.

Basically, according to our medical texts, most people who have a significant nasal deviation and a large turbinate, along with allergies, expect to get better after surgery, and in total breathing it will be better than before surgery, but a small percentage of these may worsen the allergy after the surgery, and allergies After the procedure is intensified.

That we remind you of the risk that a small percentage of your allergy cases may worsen and breathe or become more difficult or at least better than before, and we will try to control the allergy with the drug before the procedure.

People who have severe sinusitis are sure to try to improve their sinusitis before surgery, and then do the Rhinoplasty act and rarely are people who need to operate at the same time sinus by endoscopic procedures.

Sometimes, these two functions can do the same thing, along with the sinus endoscopy to improve the performance of the Sinan and the evacuation of the SINOVNV, and at the same time it is done, but sometimes it is recommended that the act of sinusitis is improved, and then rhinoplasty to do so. Allows.

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