Eating and drinking after nose surgery

From eating and drinking after the foods we said, they usually increase the risk of bleeding until one-two weeks after the procedure is avoided.

Like: green tea, garlic, celery juice, manna, and stiff foods try not to use the first few days, especially not to use a lot of lips.

What is the reading of the lips, when they do not hold the two sides of the nose until they do not get to the bottom of the nasal side, because the muscles of the lips are attached to the nose and may kill the nose and make stitches a loose amount and cause the nasal drooping.

Salty foods do not use insisting, low-salt foods, and are not prohibitive for the consumption of foods unless they are allergic and are allergic and very pungent and sour foods use less because it may cause an increase in nasal inflammation.

We do not basically have anything as artificial cartilage, which is referred to as artificial cartilage, is in fact alogrf that they are sterile in people who are in a part of rib cartilage, auricle, or nasal septum, and they will neutralize the so-called antiput gene that is geared to the individual I used the other, and I do not agree with ALOGRF cartilage because it may have been a large amount of cartilage that is absorbed by the person of the mtfouth, some people keep this cartilage very well, the more we try to use the individual cartilage. .

We take an individual with our nasal septum and use it for a nose. That this is done in all rhinoplasty, and if we practice the second, We dealt either in a hereditary and innate form the cartilage of the blade was too small, especially In Asian and interracial African races we have this issue and are part of the cartilage We take this cartilage without deformation of our auricle.

Cut from behind Tulip ears and beat these cartilage parts if It was not necessary to ensure without the shape of the ear tulip again if the cartilaginous we want We use the cartilage and more volume is going to be the rib cartilage of the person that I approach I’m unique to myself without having to eat a home tablet after the surgery On ensure and for the nose we use items I’ve done a few of these actions and how many are exposed to visitors We are the ones who used the cartilage of DENNSHVN, who had no pain after surgery and no problems.

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