care after rhinoplasty

What is Cares before and after rhinoplasty ?

Like any other surgery, rhinoplasty surgery needed special cares:

  • Avoid consuming aspirin and anti coagulation medicines for two weeks before operation, consult a doctor if you need them
  • Avoid smoking one month before (at least two weeks) and two months after the surgery.
  • Disease such as blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, and liver damage should be under the treatment of related specialist

Surgery often aggravated allergy and it may remain forever or improved after a few months. Thus, allergic rhinitis and sinus infections should be control by medicine. Avoid consuming green tea, celery juice and manna two weeks before the surgery because it increases the possibility of bleeding during the surgery.

Patients with greasy or seborrhoeic skin should be treated before the operation because there will be a bandage on the skin for some days. Avoid any cream or powder except oil free sunscreen and consult with your dermatologist. In the cases of severe acne, the treatment should be done before the surgery and the patient should consume antibiotic until the bandage removed. Avoid fast food, allergic, additive and fatty food. Do not eat breakfast 6 to 8 hours before the surgery but consume the necessary medicine.

Post operation care

  • Hospitalization for a few hours or for a day and night.
  • Difficulty in nose breathing because of tampon or bandage on the nose however; doctors may put tube implants or a small tampon to make it easier to breath by nose
  • Avoid mouth dryness by using moisturizer and setting the head of bed to 20 degree.
  • Avoid swelling and bruising by ice compressing especially soft ice in the first 24 hours.
  • Use nose decongestant drop such as phenylephrine 0.5%, naphazoline, and oxyetazoline in the case of a little bleeding.
  • Have a liquid diet for the first 24 hours and avoid spicy food.
  • Eat cooked fruit and vegetables and light laxatives and food which contain fiber in cases of constipation.
  • Avoid all heavy activities which increase the blood pressure such as martial arts, and wrestling for the first week and avoid heavy activities for a month.
  • Do aerobic exercise and walking after two weeks
  • Do heavier aerobic exercise such as running but avoid heavy exercises such as weightlifting for three month.
  • Nose bones are fairly strong after a month and are stronger after three months but they get their ultimate strength after six months thus, avoid traumas for a few month.
  • Patients with strong skeleton should massage their nose for a month under the training of the surgeon.
  • Clean the internal and external stitches of the nose by a wet cotton swab or hydrogen peroxide delicately so that the suture and skin become visible and there should be no sign of flocculation, then put vitamin A ointment on them.
  • Use nose decongestant for three days in cases of nasal congestion or use normal saline, warm water, and syringe without needle or Ario dishes for washing the nose.
  • Avoid glasses and use lens for 6 months, you can use light glasses after a month. In necessary cases hang the glasses on your forehead by tape so that it has no weight on nose’s bridge.
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