Eyelid Surgery (Belpharoplasty)

Eyelid Surgery (Belpharoplasty)

Age gradually change the freshness, color and thickness of the skin. Then wrinkles appeared and the first obvious change occurred in eyelids. One of the reasons of droopy eyelid is the thinness of the skin of this part. When this happens, cosmetic surgery is needed around the eyes.

Since droopy eyelid is more obvious than other parts, the surgery should perform two decades before reaching to the condition of other parts of the face.

Patient need belpharoplasty when they suffered from puff, wrinkle and droopy eyelid, otherwise they should not do it. Belpharoplasty making the eyes look younger than 8 to 10 years.

It is not lasted until the end of your age and may need to be repeated after some years. It is one of the safe and least complications surgery but there’s no surgery which its possible risk and complications be zero. Asymmetry of lids is one the most popular complications of eyelid surgery.

Belpharoplasty removes the excess fat, muscle and skin from the both upper and lower lids. It can eliminate the puff and droop of upper lid which give the eyes a tiredness look.

It does not eliminate the soft wrinkles around the eyes especially crow foot wrinkles and does not change the individual and genetic characteristics of the eyelid. Belpharoplasty is performable in all ages although it is performed for removing changes of age.

Belpharoplasty may be performed in lower age because of congenital problems. Patient’s record including diseases, therapeutic therapy, prior surgery, current and past medical condition of the patient and consuming medicine are investigated in the consulting session with doctor.

How can the surgeon change the form of upper eyelid?

Usually incision placed at the natural eyelid crease, excess skin, muscle and fat are then removed. Since the incision is in the natural lines of upper eyelids, is hidden very well after healing.

How can the surgeon change the form of lower eyelid?

For the lower eyelid, a tiny incision placed below the lower lashes. Then excess skin, fat and muscle are removed or fat distribution corrected for eliminating puff or protruded parts. Incision is invisible in lower eyelid, too.

General information about eyelid surgery (belpharoplasty):

  • Avoid drinking and eating six hours before going to hospital.
  • Take a shower before going to hospital and avoid using jewelry.
  • Bring previous medical document including photo, test, ECG (electrocardiograph).
  • Post operation visits are including 5th day, three weeks and three months after operation.
  • There’s swelling and bruising after the surgery but diminish gradually during one to two weeks.
  • Complete rest of eyelids in the first three days after operation, lie down and close your eyes.
  • Use cold compress five minute per one hour one day after operation.
  • Only use the prescribed medicine, use the prescribed eye drop every six hour (for a week).
  • Use the prescribed ointment on the stitches and a little into your eyes in the morning and at night (for two weeks).
  • It is natural to see some drops of blood in stitches one or two days after operation.
  • Having a blurry vision is natural in the first few days after operation.
  • Do not wash your face for five days after operation and take a shower in the 5th day before going to the clinic.
  • Stitches are removed on the 5th day and will disappear a lot in one to two month.
  • Do not irritate the eyelids for four weeks and do not retouch the stitches.
  • Do not use cosmetic on your eyes for two weeks.
  • Avoid physical activities for a month.
  • Do not evaluate the result during the first days, because at first it may not have a good look because of swelling, but don’t worry you can see the final look after a few weeks.
  • There’s a degree of eyelid asymmetry in patients who have serious asymmetry before the operation.
  • Belpharoplasty do not lead to the eyebrows lift or large eyes.
  • Inform the surgeon about the following cases: having any mental or physical diseases, consuming any medicine, prior surgery, suffering from hepatitis (jaundice) or HIV and addiction.
  • Avoid smoking or consuming ibuprofen, aspirin and vitamin E two weeks before and one week after the operation.
  • Uncompleted closing of eyelids is normal in a few weeks after operation, thus use eye drop before sleep.

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