Most patients ask:

Doctor, can we lift our face and nose with a yarn?

In response to them, if a human being could be young with a scratch, then all surgeons who have studied and gotten experience during years would not have been allowed to work on patients for surgery for several hours.

This new procedure (yarn surgery) is usually very appealing to people, because she will not be operated and anesthetized, and has the least damage, and its cost is less so for everyone. Thus, this case is very interesting for all.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment that once had this failed experience about 30 years ago and had no results in their warehouses are again thinking of bringing their new products into the market and making money. After a few months or a few years, they found that it doesn’t work or has the least result, they get the benefit from the naive people like increasing height with a drug or and so on.

All of this is a lie and everybody should know that if they want to know something, they should go to scientific articles about it, including US medical sources or ask professors and trust them.
They should know that the yarn lift has no results except side effect. It means that, if one wishes to have surgery, it will be a very high-risk surgery, due to the fibromi in the yarn path in the future. For example, a facial lift with yarn not only is not suitable but also it causes fibromi along the same path, making it difficult to separate the skin from the underlying layer, and the likelihood that one may want to do something in the future will also damage the facial nerves and vital organs.

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